AYR started with a rebellious idea: to reinvent the ritual of smoking and create a revolutionary experience that is both pleasurable and guilt-free.

If it could be made easier, smarter and tar-free, would smokers choose to switch?

So we started working with leading technologists and designers to create the world’s first truly smart vaporiser; one that would automatically refill and recharge itself. A product that could capture the moments that delight smokers and respect the lifestyle they enjoy.

On this journey, we have pushed the boundaries of what was possible and invented new concepts and methods, which we have secured in thousands of pages of patents.

While disrupting the status quo is our mission, this is just the first step.

As we continue to explore the application of our ideas, we are looking into how our technology can positively impact not only consumers but patients as well. Engaging scientists and medical authorities to explore a path forward has now become part of our trajectory. We hold high hopes for the good AYR will do.

AYR. Vaping Reimagined.
AYR - the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically.