Celebrities Who Vape

Culture | 29 August 2017
Victoria McDowellby Victoria McDowell

Smoking is so last year.

If you have moved from smoking to vaping recently you’ll notice that many people have done the same thing. It’s funny how your eyes are drawn to other vapers, they seem to be multiplying at an astounding rate. This phenomenon isn’t just among us ordinary folk, it’s also happening to the rich and famous. So settle in and read about some celebrities who vape.

Johnny Depp

Whether you know him as Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka or that one with the scissors for hands… you know him. But did you know he likes to vape? This image is actually a still of him vaping in the film “The Tourist”.


Cara Delevingne

She’s the model with the eyebrows. Whether she’s partying or gracing magazines in Chanel campaigns, when she steps away from the camera she likes to vape.


Leonardo DiCaprio

After finally securing his Oscar we imagine that he stepped outside and had a quiet, reflective vape. He’s infamous for vaping during awards ceremony’s and probably the most well-known celebrity vaper.


Katy Perry

She’s been a firework, she’s been hot and cold, but then she tried a vape and she liked it. Known for her vocal talents, huge twitter following and eye-catching fashion sense, Miss Perry is a fellow vaper.


Norman Reedus

Film and TV star, best known as Daryl Dixon on the Walking Dead. Although his character smokes on the show – when he’s living his (not fictional) life, he vapes.


Snoop Dog

Artist, producer, actor, enterprenuer and vaper. Snoop Dog has his own vape called the “G-Cig” because of course it is.


Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is known for being handsome, and for being an excellent actor but he’s also handsome…not that we noticed or anything, but he’s quite handsome. He’s also nice looking. Where was I? Oh yes, You know him as Bane (in Batman), from Mad Max:Fury Road and from the BBC series Taboo… but now, you know that he vapes.


John Cusack

By now, because he’s part of this list, you may have guessed that John Cusack vapes. Enough said.


Lady Gaga

She was born this way; with a song in her heart and a vape in her hand. You know that she vapes but did you know she also has four entries in the Guinness World Records? Maybe you did.


Samuel L Jackson

The man who needs no introduction.

That’s all for now folks. But don’t worry, the glitz and glamour aren’t going far and everyones is welcome in AYR’s limelight.

Tweet us @vapeayr or Instagram us @vapeayr with some of your suggestions and we’ll feature them in ‘Celebrities Who Vape 2: The Sequel’.

Until then,

Happy vaping.



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