5 Reasons AYR is Great for Beginners

Culture | 03 August 2017
Victoria McDowellby Victoria McDowell

Starting something new can be intimidating. For those who want to start vaping but don’t know much about it, AYR is a great solution for brand new and long-term vapers alike. It’s user friendly, connects to an app that tracks your usage, refills and recharges itself and is an extremely attractive piece of kit.

1. Familiar Design

AYR was designed to be recognisable. Our easy-to-use e-cig shows you how much you have vaped. Along its side, it has 8 LED lights that go out gradually during your session. A session lasts roughly 8-10 inhalations, just like a cigarette.


2. Refills itself

Unlike anything else, AYR refills itself. The easily interchangeable liquid capsules refill the vape while inside the case, in seconds. Our adaptive temperature technology changes the heat of the vaporiser depending on the flavour of the liquid, ensuring you have the best taste experience every time.


3. Recharges itself

Full charge is the equivalent of 60 sessions, and each capsule contains enough liquid for 100 sessions. Every time you replace the vaporiser into the case, it refills and recharges itself. Creating a new experience each time you use it.

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4. Compact and portable

All you need is your case. Forget carrying around bottles of liquids, spare batteries and coils. Our compact product system has everything you need; from now on you travel light with AYR.


5. Tech Forward

Our app will let you know when you need to order more liquids or replace the coil. Based on your favourite flavours you will received recommendations or you can just continue with your favourite liquids and have them sent to your door via our app subscription.



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