Here we take a closer look at the evolution of smoking and how vaping marks the next cultural milestone in a world beyond tobacco.
Diary Of a Switcher: Week 11
Diary Of a Switcher: Week 11In this weeks diary of a switcher, Emma Carney is in her penultimate week of making the switch – and it gets emotional
Vaping in The Workplace
Vaping in The WorkplaceRemember the days when smoking at the office was standard practice? Keith Walker does. Is it an atmosphere worth re-imagining?
Diary of a Switcher: Week 9
Diary of a Switcher: Week 9It has been one heck of a week, even for the intrepid Emma Carney. But she soldiers on, documenting every peak and trough in this week’s turbulent instalment of Diary of a Switcher
Diary of a Switcher: Week 7
Diary of a Switcher: Week 7It’s week 7 in diary of a switcher and, as I’m not gagging for a cigarette I’m gagging to fill you in on the events of the week. Can we move forward from the emotional drainage that was last week?
AYR x Wallpaper
AYR x WallpaperLate in 2013, Ian Murison and Kaveh Memari sat down to discuss a shared frustration with the state of e-cigarettes. And so began an extraordinary journey of innovation. Read all about it in the latest edition of Wallpaper magazine
Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals“Watch a smoker. It won’t take you long to see that, whether you understand or not, they’re speaking to you.” Keith Walker talks body language.
Style Icons We Admire
Style Icons We AdmireIn honour of Fashion Month, here is a roll call of our favourite style icons.
Dairy of a Switcher: Week 6 – RIP Ziggy Puff
Dairy of a Switcher: Week 6 – RIP Ziggy PuffI’m sparking up a debate in this week’s “Diary of a switcher” but what I am not sparking up is a freshly rolled cigarette. It’s beginning to get easier to kill my cravings but in their place come other problems…
Diary of a Switcher: Week 5. A Case of the ‘Mean Reds’
Diary of a Switcher: Week 5. A Case of the ‘Mean Reds’Join the unstoppable Emma Carney as, once again, she navigates the peaks and troughs of giving up smoking. As ever, expect a tumultuous journey of self-exploration.
Diary of a Switcher: Week 4
Diary of a Switcher: Week 4Emma Carney won’t let a little bump in the road impact her journey to becoming smoke free. This week, she gets philosophical…
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