Here we take a closer look at the evolution of smoking and how vaping marks the next cultural milestone in a world beyond tobacco.
Diary of A Switcher: Week 2
Diary of A Switcher: Week 2Join Emma Carney as she continues on her journey switching from smoking to vaping.
A Vaper’s Guide to Festivals
A Vaper’s Guide to FestivalsEveryone already knows the three must-have accessories of this festival season: a vape, a charger, and flower crowns. Glastonbury educated me on the problems of vaping at festivals and today I’m able to educate other people on the potential perils. Ranging from the obvious pitfalls of charging and liquids, to the lesser-expected hurdles that come in the form of glitter and breakages.
I was a “Professional Smoker”
I was a “Professional Smoker”“I’ll quit on my next birthday”, “I’ll give up in the New Year”, “The minute we close this deal, I’m never lighting another cigarette” – any of these sound familiar? For smokers, there is always a reason not to quit. I think I had the best (by which I mean most laughable) one when I heard myself say, actually out loud, in public: “I HAVE to smoke. I HAVE to smoke for my career!”
Diary Of A Switcher
Diary Of A SwitcherJoin Emma Carney as she documents her journey switching from smoking to vaping in her diary. We’re aren’t sure where she’s going but we promise it’s going to be interesting!
UK Vaping Laws: What Does It All Mean?
UK Vaping Laws: What Does It All Mean?New UK vaping laws came into practice on 20th May 2017 and here at AYR HQ we are all about keeping you educated and informed about changes within the vaping community. So what are these changes and how do they impact you?
Vaping Etiquette
Vaping EtiquetteEtiquette is just basic human consideration and when it comes to manners, certain rules are not made to be broken. So, what vaping behaviour is socially acceptable and what is guaranteed to mark you out as persona non grata?
Our Favourite London Urban Beaches
Our Favourite London Urban BeachesWe love urban beaches because they offer up the opportunity to escape from the daily London grind without leaving the city. So grab your vape and head out to this selection of sandy getaways, all within the M25. Let’s see what’s near you…
5 Reasons AYR is Great for Beginners
5 Reasons AYR is Great for BeginnersStarting something new can be imitating. For those who want to start vaping but don’t know much about it, AYR is a great solution for brand new and long-term vapers alike.
The Joy of Smoking?
The Joy of Smoking?In which a long-term and devoted smoker turned vaper reminisces on the real pleasures that led her to take up a dangerous habit.
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