What the Experts Say
Public Health England

An expert review of the latest evidence concludes that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco and they can help smokers to quit.

Royal College of Physicians

Switching completely from tobacco to e-cigarettes achieves much the same in health terms as does quitting smoking and all nicotine use completely.

What is Ayr?
The Future of Vaping
An effective alternative to smoking.
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AYR - the first vaporizer that refills and recharges itself automatically.
The vaporiser
Intuitive and Smart
The world’s most advanced vaporiser.
AYR - the best e cig uk that refills and recharges itself automatically.
Monitors its own condition and lets you know when a replacement is due
Shows exactly how much you've vaped during a single session
Refills and recharges automatically when in the case
The case
Simple and Sublime
Our classic and convenient case is functional and hassle-free.
AYR - the best e cig kits that is functional and hassle-free.
A simple touch opens the case and reveals the vaporiser.
Our hassle-free replacement system means there is no risk of spills or leaks.
Track Your Usage
Check your power, level of liquid
or activate the discreet mode
for a subtle vape.
AYR - the first smart vaporizer
Why Choose AYR?
The evidence is substantial. Check out the statistics to understand why AYR is a cost-effective and harm-reduced*choice for smokers.
HARM: SMOKING V VAPING*100%Less than 5%
* An expert review of the latest evidence concludes that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco. (Source: Public Health England)
Does Vaping Impact Others?
The short answer is hardly at all. And here’s why…
0secondhand smoke

Side-stream smoke (i.e. the smoke from the lit end of the cigarette) accounts for some 85% of passive smoking. Vaping produces no side-stream vapour.
8xless nicotine whenexhaled

E-cigarette exhalations contained eight times less nicotine than cigarette exhalations.
169xless nicotine onsurrounding

A study measuring nicotine residue on surfaces in houses of smokers and vapers reported only negligible levels from vaping.
Don’t Just Take Our Word for It
Royal College of Physicians
Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction
Cancer Research UK
Real-world effectiveness of e - cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation: a cross - sectional population study
Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
E-Cigarette Versus Nicotine Inhaler: Comparing the Perceptions and Experiences of Inhaled Nicotine Devices
University of Ferrara
Comparative effects between electronic and cigarette smoke in human keratinocytes and epithelial lung cells
Available in 10 Flavours and 4 Strengths
All liquids are pharmaceutical grade and provided across variable strengths to allow reduction of nicotine over time as desired.
Apple crunch best e liquid ukAutumn Pear best e liquid ukWild Blueberry best e liquid ukWatermelon Medley best e liquid ukVanilla Sky best e liquid ukApple Strudel best e liquid ukPear Brulee best e liquid ukLime Biscuit best e liquid ukVirginia Leaf best e liquid ukGrape Mint best e liquid uk
For the former smoker who enjoys a dense inhalation

Most moderate smokers enjoy this strength

Ideal strength for the light smoker

For those who enjoy vaping nicotine-free flavour

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AYR - the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically.
AYR - the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically.