The Vaping Dictionary

It wasn’t long ago that the term ‘vaping’ found its way into common parlance.

Now, there is enough wordage surrounding this blanket term to leave the uninitiated truly tongue-tied.

But fear not, here is a handy little glossary of key terms to fully equip you with all the conversational vaping jargon you will need.

AMPS -  a measure of electrical current. It is the flow of energy through a circuit.

ANALOG - what we have come to call regular combustible cigarettes.

ASH -  Action on Smoking and Health.     

ATOMISER - the part of the e-cig that contains the coil and wick, which are heated to produce vapour from e-liquid.

AYR – the revolutionary vaporiser that automatically refills and recharges.

BATTERY - the rechargable power supply on any vaping device.

CARTRIDGE - usually a mouthpiece to hold e-liquid in which is traditionally attached to an atomiser in vape pens.

CAPSULE - the closed, sealed and tamper-proof receptacle in which AYR provide their liquid flavours.

CASAA – Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association CASAA.org

CIGALIKE – An e-cig that resembles a cigarette in physical appearance.

CLOUD – A plume of vapour.

CLOUD CHASING – The act of deliberately creating large plumes of vapour.

COIL – The part of a vaping device which heats the e-liquid and turns it to vapour

DRY BURN - This effect you get when you heat your coil with no or insufficient liquid

DRY HIT - The sensation of drawing on a vaporiser containing no or insufficient e-liquid

E-LIQUID/ E-JUICE - A solution comprising of PG, VG, flavourings and nicotine

GLOWDOWN – An Ayr trademarked term for the soft lights on our vaporiser indicating how much you’ve vaped

LED - Stands for “light emitting diode”, often found at the end of a vaporiser to simulate the glow of a combustible cigarette

Mg - Stands for milligram (often used for nicotine strength)

MOD - Used to describe box-style vape kits

NIC - Short for ‘nicotine’

NICOTINE - A stimulant. E-liquids contain varying levels of the substance including zero nicotine

OHM - The unit of measurement used for electrical resistance

PCC - Personal Charger Case/ Portable Charger Case

PG - Propylene Glycol. One of two substances that make up the base for e-liquid solutions

PV – Personal vaporiser

SQUIRCLE – a square circle

TC – Temperature Control

TIP – the replaceable mouthpiece of a vaporiser

VAPER – an individual who vapes

VAPORISER - The unit used to vape

VAPOUR - The ‘cloud’ created by atomising e-liquid. The main feature used to simulate smoke in vaporisers

VG - Vegetable Glycerine. One of two substances that make up the base for e-liquid solutions

WATTS/WATTAGE - A measure for units of power

And there you have it. Enough terminology to get you well up and running. Happily, with AYR, you needn’t worry about assembly and disassembly so much of this occurs within the device itself, leaving you with nothing to do but simply vape and enjoy.

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