Honour thy Vaper

Aug 18, 2017

We are pretty much all agreed that vaping is a good thing, right? Switching from combustible tobacco to a risk-reduced alternative is a smart, honorable thing to do. We know this. And yet, to some members of society who refuse to play nice, vapers have become the subject of ridicule. It might make for a good meme but the worrying fact is that people could be dissuaded from quitting cigarettes because of the opinions of nay-sayers. So let’s talk about it. What is it about vaping that invites stigma and what can we, as vapers, do to reclaim some honour?

My main takeaway has been that ridicule is the reason why most smokers don’t want to take the first step into vaping. And a few years ago, I was guilty of this. I have a close male friend who has been a vaper for about 5 years. He used to have a huge mod that was about the size of a handgun and I used to poke fun at him that he looked ridiculous. And Rob, I’m sorry. No one likes to be made fun of. If you make fun of someone for being a vaper, who’s the bad guy? Mocking someone for transitioning from a life-threatening habit to a healthy one is preposterous. Being a vaper doesn't necessarily make you a social pariah, but making fun of someone who vapes should.

Son of a Preacher Man

Smokers have the bugbear of vapers telling them that they should vape. And we shouldn’t. Oh hold on, you might be thinking, aren’t you in the vaping business? Erm yes, technically. But I can’t drag people kicking and screaming into a vape shop. Or steal their debit card and order them an AYR. It’s just not cricket. All AYR can do is be the best vape in the world, and hope that they’ll come around.

Off Your High Horse

Vapers are smug. While this is not true of all vapers, it can be true of some, and I’ll hold my hands in the air- I know that I’ve definitely been a smug vaper. But what can we do to stay modest? Some Tibetan monks are vegetarian but are fed meat once a year so they can’t brag about being “a vegetarian for 50 years”. To keep them humble. Does that mean that vapers should have a cigarette once a year? No. Just don’t be self-congratulatory around people who haven’t made the switch.

“I vape...”

This is the cliche that has circulated in memes (and other forms) for the last few years. “We get it. You vape”. It’s the same sort of idea that if someone is a vegan or does crossfit, for example, that they can’t stop talking about it. It’s the ongoing joke that someone who vapes, is obsessed with vaping, when in reality,  a vaper is more than the sum of their parts. They might like vaping but they also might like David Bowie, stamp collecting or rhythmic gymnastics.

Bulletproof Cloud-makers

This isn’t the new Quentin Tarantino film, sadly. This is a term I’ve come across for those vapers who vape indoors, and carry on vaping when they are told not to. Vapers that never ask permission when vaping near you in close quarters and blow billows of plume your direction. Vaping inside without permission and being a nuisance give us these bad reps. Save the reputation of vapers and check out vaping etiquette.

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