AYR is Magic Because...

Aug 09, 2017

At the risk of tooting our own horn, sometimes it's fine to take a step back and appreciate your work. Self-congratulatory as it may sound, AYR is special. There, I said it. But hear me out, I can explain. For a start, just ask Ian Murison, our award winning Chief Design Officer, what makes AYR so unique. I did, and he had plenty to say on the matter.

Read on to learn his three favourite features and I challenge you to find this kind of magic anywhere else. 

Always Ready

With AYR there is no messing around. No faff. No fuss. Simply replace the e-cig in its case and let it refill and recharge itself after use. There are no moving parts, no screwing and unscrewing or adding of liquids. Ian Murison (the design man I mentioned) tells me: “in terms of consistency, we’ve used the best materials possible. We use the most stable materials; no cotton wicking, nothing like that.’

Being reliable and consistent are defining qualities of AYR. “Everything is well-made and consistent,” says Ian, “and the reason why a lot of the production process is automated, is because you can get rid of any inconsistency. Automation is very important - hence why I've just got back from an automation company in China.”

AYR has 100 mechanical parts and 200 electrical parts. That's a lot of parts, right? Now, of those 100 parts some are more important than others. But if one is critically wrong, it affects everything else, so it has to be perfect, every time. And it is.

One Cigarette’s Worth

With AYR you instantly know how much you’ve vaped. It has a fixed duration that delivers the same amount of nicotine and vapour every time (which might not sound like a rarity, but it is.) Returning the vaporiser to the pack every time means that it calculates your ideal session, and charges and refills itself in seconds.

Why was it designed that way? Well, let's ask Ian. "We fine-tuned the product to a smoker's brain," he explains, "and a smoker's brain works on a unit. That unit is not 18 grams of nicotine, 10 minutes of vaping, or even a session. It’s a cigarette.”

In other words, by delivering a start, a middle and an end to each session, AYR offers something familiar.

“What we’re trying to embrace is the mindset of a smoker. If a finite experience has a start, middle and an end you know where you are. You can easily equate that to what you’ve just left.”

No Leaks or Spills

Freedom. Freedom from worrying about liquids spilling everywhere, leaking out of the atomiser onto your hands and into the lining of your bag. Freedom. Our tamper-proof capsules hold our bespoke liquid flavours and inject them directly into the e-cig. They have been rigorously tested to ensure that in the process of liquid dispersal, there won’t be any leaks.

As an honourable mention, I reckon it’s worth pointing out the sheer beauty of the device. But for Ian, functionality comes first:

“How it looks is just an outcome of the product we wanted to make for people. We wanted to make something better. We think people deserve better.” 

And you do. You deserve the best. You deserve a bit of magic.


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