Adaptive Temperature Control: Explained

Jul 14, 2017

One of AYR’s many innovative features is ‘adaptive temperature control’.

The best way to explain it is to think of your oven.

Suppose you set the oven to, say, 200 degrees Celsius. It heats up to that temperature and when it reaches that heat level, the light goes out. It then cools ever so slightly and the light goes back on temporarily and then when it reaches that optimum temperature again the light goes back out.

So you have this off and on, off and on mechanism which ensures that your oven does not surpass the temperature it is set to, allowing you to follow a baking recipe to the letter without blaming the oven for your collapsed soufflés.

But back to AYR…

Our product makes use of that on/off mechanism but does it 30 times a second.

Now, what that means is that we have created a temperature level, which is significantly lower than that which a coil can (but really needn’t) reach if you keep on pressing it on  - I refer of course to other vaping devices because as we all know AYR has no buttons.

But supposing you were to keep your finger on the button of a standard vaping product - remember all it is is a lithium battery, a switch and a coil - you are essentially keeping the switch on along with the power and what that means is that coil is continuously heating up going well beyond the temperature from which you would need to generate vapour.

You know that crackling sound you hear when you draw on a vaporiser (satisfying though it might be)?

That sound is actually what happens when the e-liquid is hitting an extremely hot coil. So, forgive me while I give you another sciencey nugget, but studies have shown that any element of toxicity that can be produced from the device itself, are called formaldehydes. They occur when the coil is burning at an unnecessarily hot temperature – so, essentially, it is not vaporising the e-liquid, it is burning it.

Now, because our device has this adaptive temperature control, it can never get hot enough to burn the liquid. And every inhalation, without exception, has been vaporized at the optimum temperature.

So once again, AYR has gone that extra mile to ensure your safety, consistency and enjoyment.

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