A Vaper's Guide to Festivals

Aug 14, 2017

Everyone already knows the three must-have accessories of this festival season: a vape, a charger, and flower crowns. Glastonbury educated me on the problems of vaping at festivals and today I’m able to educate other people on the potential perils. Ranging from the obvious pitfalls of charging and liquids, to the lesser-expected hurdles that come in the form of glitter and breakages.

Battery Packs Will Give Your Vape Life

First and foremost, take a spare battery. You don’t want to be left in the lurch during a long day wandering among food stalls and stages. Buy a portable charger/powerbank with multiple USB ports. These can be quite heavy so leave it in your tent and charge your phone/vape battery while you sleep.

Bonus: Lightweight power banks are also a good option and can be carried with you all day, as a backup.

Liquids in Abundance

Bring more than you think you’ll need. You’ll be wandering around all day with your vape in hand and you’ll end up using it more than normal. Just trust me. Where possible, team up with a fellow vaper and together you can bring an assortment of flavours.

Bonus: Sharing is caring and a great way to strike up conversations with new people.


Wet wipes are already unrivalled for their multi-functionality at festivals but, lo-and-behold, we’ve found more uses for them. Give your vape a little wipe down and make sure to clean the mouthpiece. Whether the weather is dusty and hot or cold and muddy- a bit of vape TLC will improve the whole experience.



Everyone loves glitter, but it gets everywhere. The tip of your e-cig will NOT be the same after it has been besmirched with glitter. Even though they look like tiny flecks of heaven they are actually little burrowing flecks of bother.

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Whether it’s on the Ferris wheel or in the silent disco, accidents sometimes happen. I found this out when I dropped my vape and it broke. Just like that. I was fortunate enough to find a replacement before I started to crave a cigarette. But it was a close call.

Avoid Smokers

The majority of vapers are former smokers and temptation is everywhere. When you kick your shoes off and feel the blades of grass between your toes… you’re going to want to smoke. When you drink a cider and wait for your favourite act to appear, you’re going to want to smoke. When your friend suggests you try a new music tent, on the walk to it, you’re going to want to smoke. When you strike up a conversation with an entertaining stranger… you are going to want to smoke. Maybe I’m projecting? But Lord knows I did. I’m not saying that you should write people off because they are smokers, many of my closest friends are, just be aware of temptation. Will power is required, folks.


Papa Don’t Preach

Carrying on from my previous point. While you mingle with smokers and non-smokers alike, don’t harp on at smokers about how amazing vaping is (even though it is) and how they should be vaping by now, because there are so many versatile vapes out there for everyone’s needs (even though there are). I think I’m projecting again.

Location, Location, Location

There is a chance that you won’t be allowed to vape in certain enclosed areas but usually this depends on the festival/organiser/purveyor of the tent. I’m more of a beg-forgiveness-rather-than-ask-permission sort of person but if you are asked to stop vaping. Stop. Or go outside. Don’t give vapers a bad name.

Vaping at festivals is easy once you know how, and even though you are away from your usual creature comforts that doesn't mean that you have to be away from your vape.

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