Apr 01, 2018

Here at AYR, we’re excited about April, and it’s not just because the evenings are getting lighter and there is an excuse to eat chocolate eggs, oh no. We are excited for another reason, and that reason has a name – VApril.


VApril has been developed by the UKVIA to help support us 7.6 million UK smokers who are still finding it hard to quit cigarettes. Research reveals that out of that 7.6 million people still smoking, around 40% have never tried vaping – no, really. That’s over 2.8million smokers who have yet to trial e-cigarettes, which I think you can agree is a pretty large pool of people still struggling to find a quitting solution. This number has even more importance when you consider that smokers who use vaping as a harm reduction tool, have a success rate of over 50% when it comes to quitting cigarettes long term. Compared to a success rate of just 28% of smokers who have never tried vaping.

So why aren’t people switching? This is a interesting question, especially as authoritative health organisations such as Public Health England (PHE) and Cancer Research both back studies that indicate vaping is up to 95% safer than traditional cigarette smoking. VApril believes part of the problem and potential solution is that some people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to making the switch from smoking to vaping. I know I didn’t manage to make the change-over to a vape without a little guidance of more experienced vapers. Therefore, UKVIA  have created the VApril challenge, to encourage those considering quitting smoking to trial vaping as an aid to quitting cigarettes.

The Challenge

TV’s Doctor Christian Jessen is leading the event and proposing people take the “VApril challenge” in order to obtain the very best chances of a successful switch over. The rules of the challenge, small and achievable, are listed below:

  1. Drop Into a Vaping Masterclass

Specialist vaping stores in cities across the UK will be hosting a vaping masterclass which will include:

  • An introduction to the range of devices and flavours on the market.
  • Expert advice on the ideal starter products based on smoking habits: from social and light to average and heavy cigarette usage.

2. Receive Your Free 6-page VApril Guide

The UK Vaping Industry Association has produced a special guide for first time vapers, Vape to break the smoking habit, which provides lots of great advice and information. You can download  yours over on the VApril site.

  1. Be Social

Tell us about your VApril experience by posting your thoughts, pics and videos on:

VApril Facebook Page


Use #Vapril and #Vaprilchallenge to join the conversation.

Find out more over on the VApril website which has even more information on future events happening throughout the VApril campaign. While you’re at it, why not use the #VApril hashtag on social channels to connect with others taking part?

Make sure to check out our quitting smoking journal section for further tips on making the transition easier and let us know about all of your progress.

Happy Vaping 🙂

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