Quitting Smoking will Make You Smoking Hot

Jul 31, 2017

Ditching the cigarettes and switching to AYR will make you more attractive. We know there’s no greater joy than feeling good and looking sharp. So, let’s explore the ways that you are going to be infinitely more attractive once you quit smoking.

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Smoking causes skin damage all over your body. One place it really ravishes is the delicate skin around your eyes. It inflicts and magnifies lines and dark circles.

Pat Folan, the director of the North Shore-LIJ Center for Tobacco Control, says: “the skin under the eyes is very delicate, and smoking damages this delicate tissue." Folan goes on to mention: "quitting smoking may have restorative benefits."

Smoking = Premature Aging

Smoking causes skin damage, as mentioned above, but the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes also breaks down elastin and collagen, which are the two main structural components of your skin. Basically, without them your skin loses its youthful firmness, elasticity, and strength.

Hair Care

When you quit smoking, your hair will become more luscious and shiny (and, needless to say, smell infinitely better).

Not only that, it will possibly stay in place for longer once styled. The 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes damage hair follicles, make them weak and can even cause hair loss. So, not only will you and your hair smell and look better but it will also be healthier and stronger.

Stain Remover – Teeth

All this tar and chemicals passing through your mouth into your lungs unsurprisingly also has a negative impact on the health of your mouth, lips and teeth.

Smoking and other orally consumed tobacco products open you to the risk of oral cancer, tooth loss, discolouration of gums, bad breath, gum recession, mouth sores and finally loss of taste.

One of the first visible signs of smoking is the yellowing of the teeth. It’s with a sigh of relief that we tell you that this process can be reversed once you stop smoking. Phew!

“Most changes in the mouth due to smoking are reversible, including bad breath and yellowed teeth," said Abinash Achrekar MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine in the division of cardiology at the University of New Mexico.

Sadly, he states that oral related cancers are not so easily reversed.  

Stain Remover – Nails

Some smokers aren’t even aware of this side effect:  smoking causes discolourations and ugly stains on your hands and fingers, particularly the fingers that handle the cigarettes themselves. Your body will show you how quitting smoking is infinity healthier: you’ll notice a line form on your fingernails as they grow.  You’ll see the discoloured fingernail be overtaken by the new healthier one. Then eventually the new nails will replace the old ones altogether. Similarly, an AYR will replace your cigarettes.

(Bonus one for the Ladies...)

Smoking damages your skin’s elasticity which can cause some parts of the body to…sag.

Research mostly implicates the upper arms and breasts. But as Pat Folan mentioned earlier: "Quitting smoking may have restorative benefits."

Not all hope is lost. The sooner you swap cigarettes for AYR, the better.

(...And Not Forgetting the Gents)

Smoking causes damage to your blood vessels and arterial blood supply. Therefore, it can cause erectile dysfunction also known as impotence. While more common among older men, it can appear in men of any adult age. Research conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that impotence is more likely among men who smoked, as opposed to men who never did.

Fortunately, if you quit smoking, your vascular health is likely to improve, as well as your sexual health and performance.

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