How Switching from Smoking to Vaping Worked for Me

Jul 10, 2017

Switching from smoking to vaping is not something I ever saw myself doing.

I mean, I have amazing willpower. Well, except when it comes to online shopping and gig tickets. That’s where I crumble and may ever so slightly overspend but otherwise, I would class myself as a very mentally strong person. Which is why I couldn’t understand why I kept going back to smoking cigarettes. Trust me, I’ve literally tried everything -

  • Nicotine pens
  • Herbal tobacco substitutes
  • Nicotine patches and gum
  • Pretending to smoke through a straw - no, really.
  • Not drinking - I lasted a week, trust me, quit one vice at a time. It makes life easier.
  • Cold turkey

The list goes on. And I followed my quitting smoking road map to the letter yet, the only long term success I have being smoke free is via e-cigarettes.

Which poses the question - why?

I have been very introspective and I believe it can the following reasons -

I Love Smoking

I wasn’t just addicted to nicotine, I genuinely enjoy the activity of smoking. The more I analysed the processes that allowed me to smoke, I realised that it was, in fact, a ceremony not a habit - the preparing of my cigarette, placing it in my fingers, grabbing my lighter and “sparking up”, followed by that first pull and finally being rewarded with that instant nicotine hit. Ooooh, you smokers will know what I mean…it’s fabulous and that is what kept bringing me back time and again. Since using my vape I have managed to create a new ceremony and find it just as pleasurable, in fact, I find myself disliking people who smoke near me due to the smell and the density - but I promise, I won’t become one of those pious ex smokers, no one likes those!

Most Vaporisers are Ugly

Vapes may do the job of giving you nicotine but I certainly don’t want to be at a business event or cocktail bar smoking a huge battery modified vaporiser outside. I assure you, I will forgo my battery lasting for days for something that I can happily be seen in public with, which is why I found success with e-cigs and vape pens. Slick, portable and attractive - AYR was a perfect solution for me style wise.

All the ‘Cool’ People Smoke

David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss...I could go on, smoking does have that elusive ‘cool’ factor. It’s rebellious and it’s chic...except that it actually isn’t. Well, not when you don’t look like a celebrity and you’re just Pam from accounts rolling a fag because buying a pack of twenty has gotten ridiculously expensive. Once I figured this out, and tried an e-cigarette and learned to use it properly I felt much more glamorous creating a plume of vapour that didn’t stink the immediate airspace around me and others. So switching was win, win all round.

If you're curious about making the switch or for a loved one to, find out more here and if you are ready to make the jump into becoming a non-smoker, then read our quit smoking section for further advice and tips which can help give you the tools to say goodbye to smoking forever.


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