Health Benefits During Your First Cigarette-Free Year

Oct 30, 2018

Wherever you are in your journey to zero, we think you’re doing great. Because amazing things happen to your body right after you stop smoking your last cigarette.

Milestones are an important part of getting to zero. So celebrate every single step of the way. Because every milestone means you are one step closer to a healthier and happier, smoke-free you.


After one hour

It only takes 20 minutes for your heart-rate to return to normal. Soon after circulation begin to increase and blood pressure drops.

After 12 hours

The body cleanses itself of the harmful residue of the toxin carbon monoxide, left from the last cigarette. Incredibly, in just 12 hours blood-oxygen levels increase back to normal and carbon monoxide decreases to regular levels in the body.

After 24 hours

Smoking increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Just one day after giving up cigarettes, the risk of a heart attack or stroke decreases. You’ll also feel an increase in energy because of higher oxygen levels, making physical activity easier.

After 2 days

Just two days after quitting you’ll start to notice a better sense of smell and tastes. Smoking damages the nerve endings responsible for these senses, leaving smokers will an inability to really smell flowers or taste good food.

After 3 days

You’ve made it to three days! Happy thought, but probably one of the most challenging moments of your quitting journey, and when most people turn back. Three days after quitting all nicotine in your body is typically gone. Which of course, is good news. However this also causes withdrawal symptoms like intense headaches and irritability.

If you feel this, a safer option is to choose to vape, instead of turning back to cigarettes. It will give you a hit of nicotine without the tar and arsenic included in tobacco.


Take a deep breathe of fresh air!

After one month your lung function begins to improve. As they continue to heal, lung capacity will increase. Now you’ll be feeling less shortness of breath, less coughing, less phlegm in your lungs. You may even feel like going for a run with renewed energy and easy breathing.


Fast forward a year after you decided to quit smoking. First of all, bravo! It’s an incredibly hard habit to quit, which is why millions of people are still smoking even though we all know the risks.

One year later your circulation is virtually back to normal. Every year later the risks of a coronary event like a heart attack, heart disease, or a stroke all continue to drop drastically. At the one year mark they are typically halved.

It’s important to create sustainable new habits to help stay on track like regular exercise classes, or commitments with friends. And, be sure to celebrate those milestones, they are important on your journey to zero.

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