Government Guidelines Support Vaping As Quit Smoking Aid

Apr 08, 2019

As many smokers across the UK search for support methods to quit smoking, e-cigarettes have rapidly become the most popular method of choice. Combined with advice and guidance through the stop smoking service support, e-cigarettes have even become one of the recommended options for quitting, as advised by government(1) and independent research.

In the first trial(2) to compare e-cigarettes with other support methods such as gum, patches and sprays; e-cigarettes were found to have almost double the level of success rate in helping users to quit completely (18% success rate compared to a combined 9.9% of other methods).

There was also evidence to suggest that, possibly due to the similar nature of their use, the trial users of e-cigarettes showed lower levels or irritability and concentration issues as are common early problems in quitting smoking.

NOTE: In the trial, both groups were also provided with behavioural support.

(1) Vaping in England: evidence update summary February 2019: A.McNeill et al. | Public Health England | Link

(2) A Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy (2019): Prof P.Hajek et al. | Queen Mary University of London | Link

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