Diary of a Switcher: Week 8

Sep 28, 2017

Have I finally reached the limit in the number of smoking puns (guns, puns? Oh I give up..)  I can open these diary entries with? Not today Jose, so tell those negative thoughts to butt out of our catch up time as we slide smoothly into week 8 of Diary of a Switcher.

Day 48: Week two of using my new vapes and I am starting to get used to them and I don’t have a preference just yet. I thought I would but I suppose I am still grieving. I’ve started to explore new flavours and have found myself getting more adventurous but something is still missing. I think, as these vapes are a little bigger than Ziggy Starpuff, I am still trying to replace the way I’d hold a cigarette.

AYR was featured in Wallpaper* magazine this week and, I must admit, I agreed with every point raised. Current vapes are still not filling that void. They are either too big, too messy or just too much effort to use. When I held AYR last week it was in between my fingers like my much-missed cigarettes… I want to vape but I feel like I am missing a limb being sans-cigarette.

Day 51:  Nothing to report from the past few days but Stoptober is looming – and I am attempting to get my partner involved in it. It’s based on the concept that it is easier to quit longer term if you manage to go smoke-free for 28 days.  I know I promised not to become one of those former smokers but I  just can’t help worrying about him and everyone I love who smokes. I feel so good now. And yet, I am angry. Ok, scrap that, it’s not an anger it’s a white hot rage. He could die because of something I know I cannot stop. It has to be him. He has to want it. Why doesn’t he want it? Why didn’t I want it for so long? Damn, how strong this addiction is.

Day 52: I know everyone says this, and I never quite believed it myself, but since switching to vaping I’ve also found that I have more money. Aah, yes… money. That elusive siren that we never seem to have enough of, which is completely normal if you’re anything like me. As much as I tell myself I am not Beyonce, I still find myself trawling websites in the dead of night drooling over shoes I can’t walk in, let alone afford… until vaping happened.Now I can put a “bit aside” from the money I save making the change… well, until that “bit aside” finds itself strewn over the counter at the MAC store in Carnaby street. I have no idea how it happened. I blame Fashion Week.

Yet I regret nothing about this little escapade as what I spent equated to under what I had saved from not smoking. Yikes! It really is an expensive habit.

Day 54: It’s interesting how many of my friends have taken an interest in vaping since I started doing it in front of them. Many before were very anti-vaping and just presumed it wasn’t as enjoyable or effective as smoking and was mainly a hobby of a certain subculture. Yet tonight, I found myself explaining to two of my dearest smoking lady friends how to add the juice, how to change a coil and how to actually inhale the vapour. I think I may have got one seriously converting, which is great news. The Boy? Not so much and that is starting to get under my skin. I know it shouldn’t, but it does.

Am I alone in my fear for smoking loved ones? I am beginning to find it very distracting indeed. Especially as I know how I used to feel when people brought it up with me…

Any advice most welcomed and why not continue the conversation over on the AYR social channels.

Until next week!



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