Diary of a Switcher: Week 7

Sep 21, 2017

It’s week 7 in Diary of a Switcher and, as I’m not gagging for a cigarette, I’m gagging to fill you in on the events of the week. Can we move forward from the emotional drainage that was last week?

Day 43: It’s been a few days since Ziggy Starpuff’s untimely passing and I am still pushing forward in my search for a replacement. Now, I think we can all agree that some things in life are emotionally irreplaceable but are, in practicality, replaceable, as I think I have proven with my switching from smoking to vaping. I just need to find another vape that works for me. Am I alone? I’m sure I am not, especially due to the recent UK vaping law changes which means many vapers have had to change their habits *grumble grumble*.

Day 44: What is it about a vape or e cigarette that makes me go - oh yip, that'll do. That'll be the one for me? I did like my old e cigarette, it was thin and elegant - albeit easily breakable but I loved it anyway. I suppose I just got comfortable with it. This time I am looking for something more durable and from a well-known brand or supplier as my previous supplier has now gone AWOL. Lesson learned. So many options, I just want something simple. Why is it so hard?

Day 45: I saw the working Ayr prototype today and I am in love. To be fair, having seen it, no other vapes on the market measure up,  but at least I know it's something to look forward to in the new year. For now, I shall just focus on quitting smoking, then progress to quitting nicotine itself with AYR. We can do this!

DAY 46: Bought two vapes. One to use outside which is more discreet and another in the house which has a mod. I've become partial to making some clouds with the indoor vape.

I know what you're thinking: "Oo-er look at her knowing all of the vaping lingo". What can I say? I'm embracing the change.

Day 47: I never gave a sandwich update for those who asked. I have now replaced them with hazelnut coffees. I have even bought an electric milk frother so I can make them at home. I'm not joking. Pallets of tomatoes have been replaced with cases of hazelnut infused beans, ordered online as I don't like the syrup. #sorrynotsorry

Maybe I should look for hazelnut flavour e cigarette liquid?



Current read: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K - Sarah Knight  - another recommendation from Ms Walker.

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