Diary of a Switcher: Week 3

Aug 24, 2017

Greetings and salutations. After last week’s trials and tribulations (see what I did there?) I was hoping that week three would be a little gentler on the old self-esteem but this wouldn’t be Diary of a Switcher if I wasn’t dropping a ball or two...or would it?

Day 15: After last week’s little mishap I have decided to look forward and not beat myself up too much because I had a cigarette. I’ve just focused on not having another one and thus far it’s been going well. I have made efforts to keep myself preoccupied channeling any freed up energy into more wholesome endeavours. I must confess my creative energies are flowing and I've even contemplated getting a personal trainer.

“Contemplated” being the operative word there.

Day 16: I’ve been reading up more about the perks of quitting smoking (the joys of researching articles are never ending) and it’s fair to say that I have noticed my skin is looking clearer and I swear my nails are stronger. *Flicks hair*

Day 17: For some unknown reason I just pulled out a cigarette from the Boyfriend’s packet on the coffee table and placed it into my mouth. It was only as I was looking for a lighter* that I realised I hadn’t properly smoked in weeks. It’s scary to think that the habit is so ingrained in me that I am actually morphed into a zombie by it. I’m taking comfort in the fact that my brain suddenly snapped out of its trance to reprimand me: “Oi Emma! What are you doing woman?” barked the voice in my head, “We’re classy vape people now. Keep up”.

Has anyone else had a moment like that?...*frantically researches smoking psychology*

Day 18: Great day today as I got the privilege to try some of the new AYR flavours that the development team have been creating in their laboratory of delights. I’ve always had trouble finding an E cig juice flavour that I really like but my heart's been given to not one but two flavours in this particular batch which I will be using for tomorrow's event. Did I mention I had an event tomorrow? I’m dreading it. It’s fascinating to speak to other vapers and talk about what their favourite E cigarette flavours are. We humans really do differ in our tastes. I (a confirmed human) lean more towards citrus and sour flavours.

Day 19: The event is tonight and the Boyfriend has been formally instructed not to allow me near cigarettes. My other companions also vape, which is rather convenient. Also, I am avoiding too much alcohol. No Champagne for me daahling, I am vaping it tonight. (Got myself a strawberry champagne e-liquid for the occasion… now who’s taking charge?)

Day 20: Ta-dah! Here she is, the non-smoker. Isn’t she wonderful? Well, not that wonderful, it was surprisingly easy especially as I didn’t drink too much and my e cigarette was always at hand and fully charged. Nice to know that I did learn something at Brownies and they were right all along - always be prepared.

Day 21: As a firm believer in self-love and the tooting of one's own horn, I am going to give myself some praise for my official first week smoke-free. Woohooo!

Now roll on Week 4. Me and Ziggy Starpuff (I named my vape, ok?) are ready for you.

Great to hear from you as always on the AYR social channels, and those of you that say you have read them all gives me a nice warm glow inside. It’s wonderful to know that everyone's journey to becoming smoke-free is just as varied as my own.

Until next week!

Emma x

*On that note, I’m seriously not missing constantly looking for a lighter. That is a massive perk of switching to vaping. Only now they are everywhere - isn’t that what Alanis Morissette would have labelled ‘ironic’?

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