Diary of a Switcher - Week 12

Mar 20, 2018

I bet you didn’t expect to be seeing me again, did you? Alas, over Christmas I fell off the bandwagon with a very loud bump. Rather than admit defeat and get angry at myself, I decided to dust myself off and start again, making sure to record my endeavours so I could share them with you all - aren’t I nice?

Most people begin the switch from smoking to vaping by becoming a ‘dual user’ first. Over Christmas I could certainly say I became this type of vaper. Being on the go and not able to stick to my usual routine meant that I was unable to make sure that I was always prepared with a fully stocked and charged vape to keep me from temptation. Add to that mix the siren call of alcohol and it was easy to justify a cheeky smoke here and there. Now begins the hard part again, where I try to go completely cigarette-free. I’ve managed a few days but I want to achieve a full week over the next few entries. As I’m considering this the first week, I’m going to begin the mental prep. It’s times like this I wish I had a smoking cessation sensei on call.

Day 1 - I am making my ‘Reasons to Quit’ list. It differs from the one I wrote last summer and it’s good to see how much I have overcome in the past few months. I crave less and the attachment is now mainly psychological.

My partner has managed to stay off the cigarettes which helps but he is a dual user when he is out drinking with friends. I’m hoping when AYR comes out that we’ll be able to avoid the regular pitfalls of drinking as it means we will have a vape which is more of a cig-a-like in appearance but one that refills and recharges itself. Until then, I have benefited from an expanded collection of new vaping paraphernalia to try as vaping items were an easy gift to buy me for Christmas - no complaints here.

Day 2 - Shared a cigarette today. Got caught short with a fellow vaping friend and resorted to smoking. Otherwise, the prep is going well. I’m monitoring my craving triggers and trying to make social plans that won’t tempt me over a few evenings next week. Every little helps.

Day 4: Two Days Down.

Day 6: I’ve got back into the swing of reading. I’ve joined the online David Bowie book club and trying to get everyone to reconsider an AYR one at work. Would you join if we did? In need of distraction, moi? Non.

Day 7: So, it’s the final day in my first week of switching from being a dual user into a full blown vaper (no pun intended) and, I’m not going to lie, I’ve have had a few trip-ups here and there. But I have laid the groundwork and will use this foundation to make next week my first full week of 2018 as a non-smoker.

If you’re curious or currently in the process of making the switch, make sure to check out the Quitting Smoking section of our blog for more tips.  We can do this together. For now, make sure to let me know how you’re doing on the AYR social channels leave a comment below. Until next week.


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