Diary Of a Switcher: Week 11

Nov 16, 2017

It’s my penultimate week in this series of Diary of a Switcher. Can I make it through these next two weeks or will the sultry lure of cigarette smoke make this non-smoker fall back into the precipice of tobacco enslavement… so, I may have recently been researching how to build drama into my writing, ok?

Day 69: Eurgh! I have caught the lurgy and this one is super strong. I feel like I have had a cold for a week and this has now decided to transform into a cough which makes me sound like I am about to cough up a lung every 5 minutes or whenever I try to talk. Haven’t vaped much because of this and I can hardly imagine how horrible it would be to still be smoking and be ill like this. A cold and tobacco cravings? The humanity!

Day 70: Christmas has come early. The Boyfriend has decided to “trial” the e cigarette again. I am so elated. I may not be so elated when he starts stealing my liquids. Ah, young love.

Day 71: It really has come early. Christmas adverts. Actual, Christmas adverts invading my nice post-bonfire-night glow. I am sat in front of the TV aghast and vaping a lot of plume in distaste - this e cigarette user’s version of the British “tut” of displeasure. I refuse to partake in any form of Christmas joy until I can open my advent calendar(s)*

Day 72: Still ill. Please send me bacon sandwiches and a lot of love.

Day 73: Checked in with Papa Carney, he's not using the vape I bought him. This saddens me.

Day 74: It is the exact type of make as the now discontinued Ziggy Starpuff, so maybe it isn’t all bad? *yoink*

Day 75: The Boyfriend is still using the e cigarette, I am so proud. He has had some slip ups but is still getting back on the wagon. I have also cut down on my use too. Go team!

So here we are, sliding into week 12 and my final entry next week. It’s going to be emotional. I can’t believe that is it nearly 3 months! Bring your tissues, and make sure to stay in touch via our newsletter and social channels in the meantime.

Until next week,

Love, Emma

*They make cheese, gin and make up advent calendars these days. Why stick to just one, especially when you need extra incentive to get out of bed on the cold winter mornings?

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