Dairy of a Switcher: Week 6 - RIP Ziggy Puff

Sep 12, 2017

I’m sparking up a debate in this week's “Diary of a switcher” but what I am not sparking up is a freshly rolled cigarette. It’s beginning to get easier to kill my cravings but in their place come other problems...

Day 37: Reduced my nicotine strength, hurrah! I have also found a snazzy new flavour, today is a good day.

Day 38: Off out tonight, am I dreading it? No. Will I potentially smoke? Possibly. Is there a likelihood I will dream of cigarettes? Certainly. As always, no matter what happens I will endeavour to continue in my efforts and not beat myself up about it though.  

Day 39: So, I went out last night and as usual the late night chat with random people I’d just met turned to my E cigarette. Honestly, what is all the fuss about? I mean, I get it but I actually don't get it. So many people are suddenly experts on vaping and feel the need to tell me their thoughts?

Well, for those curious about why:

“I use it because I want to quit smoking and it's helping me to do that”

Isn't that enough of an answer to the question of  “how I feel about vaping and why I use it?” Yet, I always end up having to have “deep” and “meaningful”* conversations with people about their opinions on vaping. Do people do that with people who use patches? Do people stop people with cancer to debate at length their choice of chemo? Seem’s like an odd reason to argue with someone you don’t know if you ask me. I have made my choice, I am happy to discuss it with you but please, for the love of David Bowie (my version of God), don’t try to preach to me about how the “science” isn’t clear enough on vaping, when you’re puffing on a cigarette. It makes us both feel awkward.

Day 40: I have read “Honour thy Vaper” at least five times now. It’s exactly how I feel about the stereotypes. Eurgh. I know I promised not to become one of those quitters but I also don't want to become one of those vapers who is a one-person lobbyist. It works for me, and that's all I want to say on the matter.

Day 41: Dang it. I dropped my favourite ecigarette mid-rant at a customer service desk in the bank- it smashed and broke on the floor. As much as this can be considered “instant karma” they also totally deserved my rage…. I honestly could cry. Me and Ziggy Starpuff have been through so much these past six weeks. Honestly, I want to have a viking funeral or something for him. I have had to up my nicotine strength as dislike my replacement, a lot.

Day 42: They discontinued the family Ziggy Starpuff belonged too. Noooooooo! This isn’t my week at all in terms of vaping! Now I have to begin the wonderful task of trying to find a replacement...not that anyone could replace him...except AYR!

Roll on next week, which hopefully won’t be so emotional….maybe.

Love, love, Ems xX

RIP Ziggy Starpuff  2017 - 2017  

*Replace “deep” with “Nosey” and “meaningful” with “why do you care so much, Susan? I don’t even know you. In fact, why are you even in the smoking/vaping area anyway if you do neither?!”

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