Ashes to Ashes

Aug 08, 2017

There’s nothing like the prospect of giving up to get you actually thinking about smoking. For instance, how many types of cigarette are there? I don’t mean how many brands, I mean how many different ways, times and places do we smoke them. We’ll each have our own unique ones but I bet we have a few in common. Let’s see…

The life saver first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, the smoke blending seamlessly with the fog in your brain. Not so much pleasurable as medicinal.

Waiting. For a bus, train, friend, whatever, it doesn’t matter. There’s the opportunity, too much time and nothing else to do so you may as well. Literally a waste of time.

That purely habitual one outside the office before you step in. You don’t particularly want it but you need something to get you through this.

When you’ve been in front of the screen for so long that the words are moving around on their own and you end up outside with a thousand yard stare, the cigarette forgotten before it’s even finished. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t but ether way when you come back in you’ll tell the boss you’ve cracked it.

A desperate last gasper (or two) sucked down in a few deep drags before the ten hour flight from hell. Usually taken in the company of other poor souls facing what seems a lot like eternity. And that blessed one as you step out of the airport at the other end, nerves all but sighing in relief that it’s over.

Early evening when life slows down and you finally have some time to yourself. Perhaps it’s the first smoke of the day you can actually enjoy. A thoughtful few minutes of pleasure, revelling in the peace of the moment.

The ritual of one after dinner. Maybe the only one when you think about the taste. Not great is it? Taken outside of course but still fine as long as there’s a seat and some shelter. If you’re lucky there’ll be some interesting, like minded company. If the company isn’t to your liking you can always feign deep contemplation of the infinite.

Then there are those you hardly notice. Sat in the pub garden, deep in conversation with good friends. Two hours later you look down and see a small mountain of butts in the ashtray. Did I smoke them? The catch at the back of my throat suggests I did.

Does anyone still share a cigarette? Well, maybe after…

Here’s the thing, whatever type of smoke you want, whatever the occasion, AYR fits perfectly. In many cases it’s even better suited to the situation than a cigarette. A quick drag? It’s as convenient but you don't stub it out and throw most of it away. Got more time? Spend a pleasurable minute selecting the perfect flavour to match the mood. Maybe something citrus and fresh first thing or something more mellow and smooth late evening. Sharing with someone special? Watch their reaction to something new.

AYR suits me and I think it’ll suit many others too.

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