Quitting Smoking as Couple

Jan 09, 2018

So you’ve decided to stop smoking and start vaping and, even better, you have someone who wants to do the same thing. Quitting smoking with another person doubles the likelihood of quitting for good, and this guide will talk you through what you need to start vaping and how to keep you both motivated.

When you look into quitting smoking you’ll notice that there are a lot of vaping options. Breaking an ingrained habit like smoking can be difficult, but if you have someone to support you through it you’re already off to a good start. You are twice as likely to kick the habit if you team up when you quit smoking.

So whether it’s your new year’s resolution or something you’ve been meaning do for a while, here’s why quitting with a friend, partner or colleague is a great way to stop smoking and start vaping.

Having someone to support you through a difficult time is very important and a study by JAMA International Medicine found that, from the 4,000+ couples they studied, their chances of quitting smoking were double those who tried to quit alone. Nearly 50% of men and women were successful in quitting when undertaking it as a couple, as opposed to people who undertake the task alone (but are in a relationship with a smoker) who only have a success rate of 8%.

1. Make a Quitting Plan

I cannot recommend this activity enough. Make an evening of it if you both can. The first step in your quitting journey isn’t stubbing that last butt out, it’s mentally preparing yourself to becoming a non smoker and accepting your new identity. Sounds complex but it’s really simple in reality and we have a great article on how to develop your plan here. Once you are both mentally prepared then you are both ready to take the next steps.

2. Buying Your Kit

When it comes to buying a vape there are a lot of choices. I’d highly recommend trying a few of your friends’ vapes to see what sort of kits/mods/brands you might like (if that option is available to you) but one thing you must do, is go to a vape store. I made a few mistakes buying over-the-counter vapes at supermarkets before I found the best vape for me. When you go in say that you’re looking to buy your first vape. Tell them of your previous smoking habits, if you have any size in mind, what sort of flavours you think you might like to try  – all of which you will have already have at hand if you have completed step one. There will be assembled vapes and disposable mouthpieces so ask to try some vapes. There can be notable differences in the resistance when you inhale, the coil resistance, how big of a plume of vapour you make.

I chose a compact little mod as my first. I asked for it to be black after he showed me some coloured options (I own a lot of black).

I would have loved to have been able to go through this process with someone so if you have some time to do it, it could make a fun trip out.

3. Checking In

Staying communicative is going to help you both, a lot. Talking about when you are craving a traditional cigarette or just discussing how much you’re enjoying vaping will keep you in a good mindset. Don’t be afraid to admit if you fall off the wagon either, being honest will allow you to get the support you need for each other in order to get back on the quitting smoking path.

4. Create Incentives with Your Savings

Once you quit smoking and switch to vaping you will begin to notice how much money you are saving each week. The UK average according to NHS smoke-free is a saving of around £250 a month but click here to use their calculator for yourself. Now times that by two and you can see, that isn’t an amount to be scoffed at! Once you have calculated your personal saving amounts you can then make personal and couple “goals” for how to spend the money you’ve both earned by not smoking – maybe a holiday, a home addition or even just adding to a savings account.

5. Celebrate Milestones

Celebrating each week/month of not smoking will motivate the both of you to keep at it. I’d recommend making those milestones “since you decided to become smoke-free” rather than “since I last had a cigarette”, as we all struggle when quitting and every day smoke-free is an achievement you should be proud of.  Make sure to secure a celebration for every key milestone of your journey’s such as a fancy meal or doing something you both enjoy and it will soon become something to look forward to.

My unofficial final tip is not to give up, giving up. No matter how many times you stumble back into the embracing arms of cigarettes, you are never truly defeated if you truly wish to quit. For further support on making the switch to vaping make sure to check out our “Quitting smoking” section and why not follow our “Diary of a switcher” series by Emma Carney – whose switching from smoking to vaping journey is anything but simple.  We know you can both do this, we believe in you!

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