Dating and Vaping

Aug 22, 2017

Dating can be a minefield. You’ll already have a hundred questions and worries bobbing around your head, “who should pay?”, “how much should I drink?”… “when can I leave and watch Game of Thrones?” (to name a few) that the last thing you want to worry about is whether you can vape.

When you set up an online dating profile, you are asked to classify yourself with tick boxes. You’re asked if you are a smoker or not, if you’d be happy to date one or not. However, there’s a brand new category in town: and we’re called vapers. Right now we don’t have a tick box. Which while over simplified, complicates things. And created more questions.

Can I vape on a date? Do I tell my date that I vape? Could that put people off?

Hold your horses, one at a time.

Should I add vaping to my bio?

That’s up to you. Maybe if you’re looking for a shared interest, it could be a good idea but some people have preconceived notions of what being a ‘vaper’ means. Go with what feels right to you, if you want to play your cards close to your chest or shout it from the rooftops, do whatever feels natural.

Do I NEED to list it on a dating profile?

No, we wouldn’t say it’s a necessity. You discover new things about a person as you start dating them, that’s half the fun of it. So don’t hide that you vape, just let it come out naturally. “Do you mind if I vape?” is an easy way of introducing the topic into a conversation.

Can I vape on a date?

Yes! But don’t just start doing it in a bar or the cinema. Don’t start blowing clouds like a dragon in an enclosed area, because that’s just against all good basic manners – read all about good vaping etiquette here.

Is it a conversation point?

Only if your date decides it is. I found myself on a date a few years ago and the guy wouldn’t stop talking about classic gangster films, for at least half an hour. Even when I tried unrelentingly to drag the conversation onto any other topic, Brett was having none of itDon’t be like Brett. Sometimes you have to read your audience and spare them all the intricate details and nuances…for their sanity.

What if my date is a smoker?

Most vapers are ex-smokers, so step outside and take intimate vape smoke/vape breaks together. After all, having that same ritual could be a great opportunity to bond and I know many vapers still like the smell of smoke, I’m one of them.

What if my date is clearly uncomfortable with it?

Talk about it. Ask them what the problem is, and if you could come to an understanding or comprise. But if someone is really against your vaping, that is vastly better for your health than smoking, then don’t bother with them. Either them or you walking away is saving yourself time and bother. Vaping is a legitimate lifestyle choice and however you view it, is an excellent way to stop smoking.

What if they walk out?

I hadn’t heard of this happening but my friend has. At the risk of statin the obvious, if anyone storms out, throws a temper tantrum or gets angry on a first date or early on, for no good reason, run. If he or she is going to storm off over something like this, consider it a bullet dodged.

The whole point of dating is to have fun with it. Just like finding your ideal e-cig, if you keep looking you’ll find something that suits you perfectly.

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