Buying the Right Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Jan 04, 2018

We’ve found that many people want to switch from smoking to e cigarettes but not everyone knows what they would need to do so, and what it would involve. In order to educate you and give you the best possible introduction to e-cigarettes here are a few helpful tips.

Buying the Right Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

There is always the possibility that you will be dazzled by the amount of selection there is when you start to buy your electronic cigarette starter kit. Most new vapers have tried one of their friends’ devices and have a vague idea of what they are looking for but don’t know the brands and how they differ. There are more in depth concerns such as coil resistance and other modifications, but we’re not getting bogged down in that today. Let’s keep it simple. As a new ecig user, don’t try and embrace all the bells and whistles; tech mods and sub-ohm functions are not necessary. What you need as a beginner is a simple and effective e-cigarette experience.

From top to bottom (if you will) a classic e-cig or vapouriser consists of these pieces; a mouthpiece, an atomiser (containing the coil) and the battery at the bottom. You simply unscrew the atomiser and pour the liquid around the coil to refill it.

You should avoid the temptation to buy something too cheap. I bought a horrible cheap cig-a-like 5 years ago, and it put me off vaping for nearly 2 years. Cig-a-likes have really developed over the last few years and Leonardo Dicaprio can frequently be spotted using one now.

Using the Right Liquids


In regards to flavours, most people are surprised by what they like. Tobacco flavours are always an option if you’re moving directly from smoking to e cigs but I’ve personally found most people’s e-liquid flavour journeys end up something like this: beginning with a tobacco flavour eliquid, trying a menthol e juice flavour, and then settling on the fruit/berry e liquid flavours. Obviously, this can’t be applied to everyone, but my journey and many of my friends’ have been the same.

There are so many high quality and amazing tasting e liquids out there it would almost be a shame not to try a few. From Pistachio Biscotti to Watermelon Medley, not forgetting Wild Berry branching out to Strawberry Champagne… there really are many ingenious concoctions for every taste and palate.


Knowing what nicotine level you should be using is crucial for replacing cigarettes with an e -cigarette starter kit . Too low and you could end up craving a cigarette, or convexly too high a level and you could potentially get headaches and a dry mouth.

Here’s a rough idea of what you should be looking at (please keep in mind this is just a guideline.)

Bold 18mg – if you smoked a packet of cigarettes or more a day.
Classic 12mg – if you smoked a packet a day of light cigarettes or 10 regular cigarettes.
Mellow 6mg – if you were a light smoker, and had a two or three a day.
Naked 0mg – contains no nicotine.

Many people aim to go down to 0mg over time, keep in mind this is a gradual journey and you should be realistic. Taking your time going through the strengths and seeing what works for you is an approach more likely to result in not smoking again.

Taking Care of Your E-Cig Starter Kit

As mentioned before, when you buy an e-cigarette starter kit it’s a small investment and should be looked after accordingly. If you take care of it, in simple ways, such as cleaning the mouthpiece, changing the coil when it tastes burnt (every few weeks to a month) and rinsing out the atomiser (where applicable), your ecig will live a much longer life and will provide you with a better experience for longer.

Some people opt for disposable devices rather than ones that require recharging and refilling. Again this is personal preference but I’d advise against it. Disposable ones, aside from not being eco-friendly, are usually of a poorer quality. Because they are, by nature, disposable. Building up a collection of different vapes by different companies will add more variety to the experience and variety is (after all) the spice of life.

E-cigarette Starter Kit Extras

You might want to buy a carry case for your device and eliquids, or extra batteries to take with you so you never find yourself without a working ecig. If you are the sort of person who likes to share, you might want to buy an extra mouthpiece for other people to use.

E-cigarette Start Kit Ready – Now, How To Use It?

One of the biggest difference between e cigarettes and smoking is how you inhale it. Rather than sharp hard inhalations which are more common in smoking, vaping usually involves drawing softer longer breaths in. Some people when they smoke inhale mouth to lung whereas many ecig users breathe straight to lung. Both methods work with vaping, and usually depend on what you prefer.


Learning where you can (and can’t) use your e cigarette is important. Some workplaces don’t allow it and on forms of transport (planes and trains) vaping can come with a hefty fine or a ban. So don’t take the risk, make sure to check.

You can vape at home, obviously, anywhere outside and a lot of pubs and restaurants allow it, but it’s always good vaping conduct to either ask or stop immediately if asked to stop, you can read more about vaping etiquette here.

Final Thought

We hope this has been helpful and that you feel prepared to start your new vaping journey. The gigantic community of vapers you are about to join is very proactive and you can join the conversations on reddit, youtube and many others to say hello.

If you have any further questions, get in touch.

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